Effective January 1, 2023, the base labor rate for all services (except sodablasting) is $160/hr. 100-Hour blocks of prepaid labor will be sold at the discouted rate of $150/hr. Projects that are already underway and those with deposits holding a spot in the backlog queue will be grandfathered in at their originally-quoted rate. See our "Ways to Pay" page (Company Menu) for more information.
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Client Testimonials

When Bob first opened Midlife Classics, he vowed to hold off on worrying about making a profit until after the business had built a reputation. It was four years before the first client asked for referrals. Every email Bob sent out to existing clients asking for permission to provide them as a referral was replied to with an unqualified "yes". That one client came on board with all the confidence we could have hoped for after receiving nothing but positive feedback. Here are some words from just a few of our clients.

Daryl Krause
1964 Ford

Frame-On Restoration

Since I was one of Midlife Classics’ first Customers, I can honestly say, we shared a few learning opportunities. Bob did a good job on the timeliness of his communications regarding key decisions, along with being extremely honest with his opinions. It is obvious the staff at Midlife Classics takes a lot of pride in their work and it shows in the finished product. Overall, I am very pleased with the results of their efforts. My memories of riding in the old Galaxie have been restored!

Russ Rosenburg
1987 TVR

V8 Engine Swap

I took my V8 converted TVR to Bob at midlife classics. He created order from chaos with my conversion, marrying the original Ford engine based wiring to the new Rover setup. A very complicated job was sorted out and the results were superb, operating as it should.

Bob was great in his communication with me, keeping me informed every step of the way and helping me keep the cost at least somewhat reasonable. The level of communication is not something that I had ever before found in a restoration shop.

Thanks for everything Bob!

Russ Rosenburg
Asset Control

Denice Hodgkinson
1964 Mercedes
230 SL

Return to Service

We just wanted to share the positive experience we had when Bob Carroll returned our car to service. When we inherited the car, we didn’t have the means or the time to take care of it so we parked it in the garage and forgot about it for a few years. By the time we finally got around to taking care of the car it needed some major work.

Bob took extremely great care of our vehicle. Throughout the process, Bob kept us informed on what he had diagnosed and offered options on how to repair the various systems.

We were impressed with the way Bob networked other classic car suppliers throughout the nation for parts and advise. Our car is a ’64 foreign job and needed some parts that were hard to come by. Bob was able to locate the parts and seek additional advice by networking with other classic car businesses.

Bob did an excellent job keeping us informed on the costs involved. We always felt like he was looking out for the client, keeping the costs down to a minimum as much as he could.

We would definitely recommend Midlife Classics to anyone who has a special car that needs some extra TLC.

Denice Hodgkinson
'64 and Rarin' to Go!

Richard Morrison
1976 Triumph

Top-End & Carb Rebuild


I had planned on letting you know how much I appreciated your work on my TR-6 right after I picked it up back in August. I decided to wait a few days to drive it around, just to be sure I was not just so happy it was running, but to be sure all was well. We got swamped at work, and for that I apologize, but I do want to let you know how great it is running.

I have been driving it at least once a week since you completed the rebuild, and I can't tell you enough how happy I am with the car. It starts right up every time I crank it, whether cold or hot. The car runs strong, and smooth. The work you did on the rebuild was wonderful. I can't imagine the car running better. I would not go so far to say it runs like a German car, but it runs so great, you would not know it was a British car.

I would like to thank you on your professionalism on the work on my car. I appreciate the way you treated it like your own car, not just like it was just a job. Thank you for your attention to detail that corrected some other problems that we were not aware of originally, but in the end made a big difference on how the car runs, and performs. Thank you for your suggestions on making some upgrades to the electronic ignition, and oil filter changes. I was surprised, but please at the constant updates on the progress of the car. The e-mails detailed every step along the way, and the photos attached to them showing what was found were fantastic.

I do not know a lot of people that have classic cars but I would recommend you to anybody that has work required on a classic car. If you want a truly professional job where the person working on your car treats your car as if it were one of his own, I would recommend you to anybody.

Bob thanks again for everything.

Richard Morrison

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