Effective January 1, 2023, the base labor rate for all services (except sodablasting) is $160/hr. 100-Hour blocks of prepaid labor will be sold at the discouted rate of $150/hr. Projects that are already underway and those with deposits holding a spot in the backlog queue will be grandfathered in at their originally-quoted rate. See our "Ways to Pay" page (Company Menu) for more information.
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77 Lancia Scorpion

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Project Documentation

The term “restoration” seems to have evolved to mean just about anything from a budget repaint (with or without a fresh interior) to a complete reconstruction from scratch. Various modifiers get tossed around like “frame-off”, “frame-on”, “bare-metal”, “daily-driver”, “concourse”, and so on. But, when you’re buying a classic, such terms mean very little unless they can be backed up with documentation. Far too many classic auto enthusiasts have spent tens of thousands of dollars on “restored” vehicles only to discover that the “restoration” consisted of nothing more than a repaint, new carpet and seat covers combined with (maybe) a detailed engine compartment. Too often, these “restorations” are more of an elaborate “cover-up” performed for the sole purpose of making vehicles look good enough to sell – preferably to someone who will be unable to perform a proper pre-purchase inspection.

If you’re going to be the one to pay for a restoration, you deserve far more than to just be handed the keys and given a wave goodbye. You’ll want to be able to demonstrate what was done – either for potential resale or for display at shows. That’s why - at delivery - restoration clients receive a detailed comprehensive portfolio and framed poster of their project.

The project portfolio not only includes a detailed gallery of the project from start to finish, it provides details about the scope of the project, worksheets showing resources (parts & labor) that went into it, a copy of the checklists to ensure quality control, an operations guide, detailed specifications and maintenance guide along with a maintenance log. PDF copies (10 to 20 Mb in size) of several project portfolios are available for your review via clicking on the links below. Each has been edited to protect the anonymity of our clients.

Each restoration client also receives a 20” x 30” framed poster documenting their project. These are great for displaying at shows or simply hanging on the wall of your garage, den or office. Click on any of the images below (5 Mb each) for to view examples.

(5 Mb Download)

1970 Opel GT

1965 Mustang

1964 Ford Galaxie

1971 Ford F-100

1968 Cougar
Engine Swap

A copy of each project's poster is available via the project's webpage.

Finally, along with the portfolio and poster, restoration clients receive a CD with file copies of the portfolio, poster, worksheets, invoices, all photos (we take hundreds) and any diagrams, manuals, or other documents we’ve created, scanned or downloaded.

Documentation doesn’t just happen at the end of a project. With all projects – from smaller repair jobs to full restorations – we keep you involved from beginning to end. Expect email notification of when work commences on your project and all along the way throughout the course of our work. Many of the emails are accompanied by photos depicting our progress and issues we need to bring to your attention. We want you to be fully informed as to what we’re doing, what we uncover and what we recommend. That’s best way we know of to ensure that you remain involved and in control. Email correspondence becomes its own de-facto documentation of the project’s progress – including notification of issues with our recommendations and your replies authorizing us to continue along a documented path. On a monthly basis, clients are provided with an accounting of the parts and labor charges accrued on their project along with balance remaining of any prepaid labor hours.

(12-20 Mb Download)

1970 Opel GT

1965 Mustang

1964 Galaxie

1971 Ford F-100

A copy of each project's portfolio is available via the project's webpage.

Also, all restoration projects – as well as some larger upgrade/modification projects – get their own project webpage. Project pages are updated periodically so that you, your friends and family are able to keep abreast of your project’s progress. Once your project is completed, its webpage is updated to include online access to copies of the project’s poster and portfolio (edited to remove personal and financial information).

Why do we do all this? Well, partly because we feel you deserve more than just a nice car or truck and might want to be able to enjoy the final “product” without having to walk out to the garage. So, this way you’ll have something you can look at and enjoy from the comfort of your favorite recliner. Also, once you take your baby home, all we’re left with (aside from a bump in the bank account) is our copy of the project documentation. We’re as proud of the project we complete as are our clients who drive them home. We too like to be able to look back at what we’ve accomplished and to be able to show off our work to others. So, don’t be surprised if some day you see us at our booth attending a car show – with your project’s poster and portfolio proudly on display.

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