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1990 Buick

From the owner's personal collection

Bob purchased this 1990 Buick Reatta in 2004 as a family member's 70th birthday present. It was an eBay purchase with the car located in Florida. When the gift was presented, it still needed to be retrieved. So, the recipient of this gift got a one-way ticket to Florida along with a wad of cash. He picked it up and drove it all the way home to Los Angeles.

Like many eBay purchases, not everything was disclosed. By the time the Reatta made it home, it was obvious that the transmission needed an overhaul and several other items needed attention. But, after a few months of sorting out, this little Buick started serving duty as a daily driver. To date (May 2012) it has roughly 150,000 miles on it - making it about 60,000 miles that have been put on it since the purchase.

It acted as "chase car" on a couple of trips during the move from L.A. to Dallas. Each time (while keeping pace with the U-Haul that topped-out at 68 mph), it averaged 37 MPG!

Billed as a "Personal Luxury Car", it is quite plush inside and the ride is very comfortable. Acceleration is not impressive, but it has a great deal of flywheel effect - making it a great touring car.

Many of the parts are common to the Buick Regal of the same era, but finding model-specific parts can be a challenge. So, when a flood-damaged (fresh water) Reatta became available locally, we snatched it up for parts - which has really paid off.


Please note that this car is a part of the owner's
Personal Collection.

It is not listed here for the purposes of selling it, so please don't call or email asking for a sale price. However, if you really do want to buy this car, feel free to make an offer. Do realize that this car was purchased as an investment and an addition to a collection. So, it will likely take a sizeable offer to pry it away from this collector.

If you are seriously interested in a car like this one and have some patience, Midlife Classics can work with you to obtain and restore a car like this to your personal specifications.

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