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1967 Chevrolet
Camaro R/S Convertible

*** S O L D ***

This '67 Camaro was Bob's first eBay purchase. He bought it in late 2002 from a seller in New York. That seller had purchased it from the original owners in New Brunswick, Canada.

This first eBay vehicle purchase experience tought one very valuable lesson. If the seller hesitates at all to answer any specific question, assume the worst. In this particular case, a question regarding rust was never answered, but Bob's enthusiasm got the better of him and the deal was done. When the car arrived, its outward appearance was pretty much as expected. But, a quick underbody inspection showed that the floorboards had been repaired using fiberglass and the rocker panels were showing signs of rust-bubbling. The left rear quarter panel also showed some inferior body repair work.

And, while the engine ran well (once the plug wires were reconnected in the proper sequence), after it had time to thoroughly warm up, evidence of a rod knock became audible. Given that it came with a 1979 vintage 305 ci engine, its condition was not significant since the plan from the beginning was to replace it with a proper 327.

Since purchasing it, Bob has collected much of what would be required to fully restore this Camaro aside from sheetmetal, new convertible top and a windshield (original is fogging). All-in-all, the parts list of what we'd use to do a full restoration tallies up to about $2,800.

Most of the exterior chrome has already been replaced - as have the tailights and turn signals. The tonneau cover for the convertible is new as is the divider between the top/trunk and the trunk mat.

A set of OEM Ralley Sport under-dash gauges are on hand along with the in-dash gauges (new reproductions) and full wiring harness set (new for the entire car) required to properly install the entire gauge option package. Also on-hand are a power front disc brake conversion kit and full front-end rebuild kit. The rear suspension was rebuilt immediately following the purchase and the entire drum brake system was also rebuilt. Lots of additional new parts are awaiting installation - such as a new grill, chrome rocker panels and - best of all - a complete freshly rebuilt, date & numbers correct 327 ci (275 hp) engine with all new/rebuilt accessories (see below).

While Bob does still intend to properly restore this Camaro, it's been waiting 10 years now (5 since the business opened). Given the volume of client work that has been coming in the door, there's no telling how long it will take for us to get to any of our in-house projects - including this Camaro.

So, while it is not being listed as being for sale, it is "available for purchase". Of course, we could restore it to a buyer's specifications if desired, but since this is one of Bob's personal cars, any such transaction would have to be handled separately from the purchase. So, if you're interested in this Camaro, give Bob a call or email to negotiate a purchase.


MODEL NAME: Camaro R/S Convertible
MILEAGE: 84,227 (4/2012)


  • Model: Chevy 305 V8 (fresh numbers/date correct 327 waiting to be installed)
  • Serial #:
  • Horsepower: 275 (new 327)
  • Overhauled/Rebuilt: 2004 (327 that has not yet installed/run)
  • Transmission: Automatic - 2-Speed Powerglide


  • Paint Color: Butternut Yellow
  • Top Color: Black
  • Condition: Good
  • Features:
    • Ralley Sport Package
    • New Chrome - bumpers, trim, lamps, etc.
    • 15" Ralley Wheels
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Features:
    • Deluxe Interior Package
    • Recently Redone
    • Ralley Gauge Package Awaiting Installation
  • Replaced Bumpers
  • Replaced Tail Lamps
  • Replaced Turn Signal/Marker Lamps
  • Replaced Windshield Header Trim
  • Replaced Sideview Mirror
  • Replaced Convertible Tonneau Cover & Chrome Trim
  • Rebuilt Entire Brake System (all new/reman parts)
  • Rebuilt Rear Suspension
  • New Dual Exhaust
  • Replace Engine w/Fresh Numbers/Date Matching 327
  • Upgrade to Power Front Disc Brakes (have all parts)
  • Rebuild Front Suspension (have all parts)
  • Install Ralley Gauge Package (have all parts)
  • Install New Wiring Harnesses (have full set for entire car - based on those required to accomodate Ralley Gauge Package)
  • Install New Grill (have all parts)
  • Install New Chrome R/S Rocker Panels (have all parts)
  • Replace Driver's Door Window (marked up - have replacement)
  • Replace Floor Pans
  • Replace/Patch Left Rear Quarter Panel (cheezy rust repair)
  • Replace Windshield (foggy)

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