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Jensen Healey

For Sale: $4,500

This Jensen Healey is a solid driver-quality classic with a strong, smooth and clean running Lotus 907 engine. It was purchased in 2006 with the intention of giving it a full restoration prior to sale, but it took a back seat to client projects until November of last year (2012) when it was brought into the shop and run through our Return to Service program. So, while it has been returned to roadworthy condition, it has not been truly "restored".

It runs and drives nicely with the 2.0 liter Lotus 907 pulling strong from idle to redline. The close-ratio 5-speed transmission (no overdrive) shifts smoothly with no clutch chatter or slippage. The cooling system has a thermostatically-controlled electric fan that maintains a consistent temperature between 185 and 195 degrees. The brake system has been gone through and most all of the wearable components have been replaced or rebuilt (master cylinder, front pads, rear shoes, calipers, wheel cylinders, rotors, drums) and it hauls the car down to a stop with no pulling or pulsing. The electrical system is solid and most everything works except for the hazard flashers, AM/FM 8-track (not connected & no speakers), windshield washer (bottle/pump missing) and clock. It is currently registered and driven regularly. The registration and Texas state inspection are valid through November of 2013.

The pictured hardtop and convertible top boot cover are included. The convertible soft top is in unusable condition, but the frame is in good shape.

The exterior condition could be best described as a "20-footer". It looks as though it received an economy paint job over mediocre bodywork maybe 10 years ago. There are chips and scratches - some of which exhibit surface rust. But, there is no rust-through observable.

The interior is in good shape overall with the exception of the dash pad and wood trim. The seats have no tears or rips. There are a couple of small wear marks on the edge of the driver's seat back from ingress/egress wear, but those spots have not worn through. The seat bases have been re-webbed and the center sections were replaced with fresh high-density foam. The console and carpet are in very good condition. The glovebox has been replaced with a new custom-made unit that replicates the original. The steering wheel is missing the center emblem.

The dash pad is sun cracked, but caps are available for under $100. The woodgrain in the dash and console needs to be sanded and re-clearcoated. Alternatively there are multiple sources for replacements in the wood of your choice.

The 16-valve Lotus 907 2.0-liter DOHC 4-cylinder engine is in solid shape with cylinder compression readings falliing between 135 and 142 psi. The plugs burn a nice cocoa color and there is no evidence of oil consumption other than a nagging leak from one of the valve cover bolts (will be repaired if/when the proper sealing washer is located before sale). The engine runs smooth and pulls strong from idle to redline with no evidence of smoke. There is a minor exhaust leak coming from the header that is noticable at cold start-up, but it becomes nearly inaudable once warmed up. Thus far, it's been impossible to locate and is most likely just in need of a new set of gaskets. Please note that the red air filter elements in the photos have been replaced with black ones.

Like most British convertible sports cars, the floorboards take abuse from leaky tops. This car is no exception. However, the passenger side floorboard was replaced at some point with an aftermarket floorboard (true reproductions are not available). The driver's side floorboard had rusted through in spots, but was in good enough condition to save by laminating with multiple coats of fiberglass (above and below) to ensure structural integrity and eliminate any further rust-related issues.

The trunk pan had minor surface rust that has been sanded and repainted. The entire trunk liner has been replaced with new hardboards and upholstery.

Like every used car, there are flaws. The paint job is likely 10+ years old and appears to have been an economy single-stage respray over mediocre bodywork. There are numerous chips and scratches in the paint - some that show some surface rust. Overall, the car could be called a drive-quality "20-footer" in solid mechanical condition.

The following work has been recently completed by Midlife Classics:

  • Oil & filter change
  • New battery
  • New air filter elements
  • New brake master
  • New rear shoes
  • Rebuilt rear wheel cylinders
  • Rebuilt calipers
  • New ceramic pads
  • Fuel system flushed
  • New fuel pump, filters & hoses
  • New muffler & tailpipe
  • Padded roll bar
  • New glove box
  • New trunk liner/upholstery
  • Re-webbed seat bases w/new high-density foam

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