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Pending Restoration
From the owner's personal collection

House Project

This was purchased in 2004 as an addition to the owner's personal collection. After discovering the Marcos GT, he just had to have one. The looks are nothing short of amazing. For those of you who haven't heard of the Marcos before, it's been production (except for a few years in the 70's) since the early 60s. The original styling was so successful that even the latest models are based on this same design.

Aside from the totally sexy styling, the most unusual aspect to the early Marcos is the fact that under the fiberglass body is a plywood - yes, plywood - chassis. While this may seem impractical, it was actually a major plus to the successful performance of the car. Using aircraft design methods, the marine plywood chassis (which was treated with fire retardent) is not only significantly lighter than a comparable steel chassis, it is also very rigid. Marcos continued manufacturing the GT with a plywood chassis through 1969 and only changed over to tubular steel because it was less labor intensive to build than the wooden chassis that contained over 300 parts.

What makes this particular Marcos 3000 GT unique is that by all accounts, it is one of the last two cars Marcos made with a wooden chassis.

The body is in great shape with only a few stress cracks showing through the recent, but as yet unbuffed paint job. The car is complete, but it is partially disassembled. The interior is intact, but the windows and weatherstripping are not yet installed. The engine is also complete, but the exterior parts had been removed for detailing and only bolted back together for shipping from Florida. The hydraulic systems are dry and corroded, so they'll need to be completely rebuilt. The suspension looks to be in good condition, but it will be thoroughly inspected and rebuilt as needed. The electrical system has been cut in several places and will have to be completely gone through.

Unfortunately, some serious delamination of the wooden chassis has been found where the front suspension subframe mounts to the footwell boxes. While not an impossible task, repairing this damage will be quite a project - requiring that the footwell boxes be literally cut off and then replaced with new plywood. Given the rarity of this car and it's place in the production line, it is certainly worthy of a proper restoration. When that actually happens has yet to be determined.

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Please note that this car is a part of the owner's
Personal Collection.

It is not listed here for the purposes of selling it, so please don't call or email asking for a sale price. However, if you really do want to buy this car, feel free to make an offer. Do realize that this car was purchased as an investment and an addition to a collection. So, it will likely take a sizeable offer to pry it away from this collector.

If you are seriously interested in a car like this one and have some patience, Midlife Classics can work with you to obtain and restore a car like this to your personal specifications.


CHASSIS NO.: 3-5366


  • Model: Ford "Essex"
  • Type: 3.0L V6
  • Horsepower: 144
  • Transmission: 4-Speed Manual


  • Chassis Construction: Marine Plywood
  • Body Construction: Fiberglass
  • Front Suspension: Unequal Length A-Arm, Coilover Springs/Shocks
  • Rear Suspension: Solid Axle, Coilover Springs/Shocks
  • Layout: 2 Seats, Fixed Position
  • Material: Black Vinyl
  • Features:
    • Power Windows
    • Adjustable Footpedal Assembly
    • Sunroof

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