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1969 Chevrolet
Corvette Stingray

From the owner's personal collection

This Vette played a major roll in the naming of this business. Shortly after Bob bought it, his sister referred to it as "a white-trash midlife-crisis car". After going back and forth about it being a classic vs. a means of combatting a midife crisis, later that same day Bob registered the "midlifeclassics.com" domain name as a site to display his budding car collection.

It's sexy lines, "Coke bottle" center pinch and sweeping fenders are timeless. The early models of the third generation Corvette (C3) have always been Bob's favorite of the Corvette line - and perhaps of any affordable classic. The greenhouse rear window of the later C3s is - in Bob's opinion - less desireable. To him, the "flying buttress" look of the earlier models is definitly much better.

The 1969 is probably the most desirable of the C3 models. There were many functional improvements over the '68 model - some cosmetic, but most would be considered "bug" fixes and feature enhancements. The '68 and '69 were the only years of the C3s that had the "gills" on the sides - calling back to the "Mako Shark" prototype. 1969 also marked the return of the "Stingray" moniker - which was missing in 1968. Actually, on the C2 models, it was separated into two words (Sting Ray).

This particular car came with the standard suspension package - which is actually quite comfortable. It's actually one the most comfortable-driving cars Bob ownes - so much so that it was one of his preferred commuters for several years in Los Angeles. It's also very rugged. It was once driven home 70 miles with a leaking heater hose on a hot day in stop-and-go L.A. traffic and never saw the coolant temperature reach the danger point. Probably the biggest complaint to be had with it is that the driver's side footwell gets extremely hot. This was a common problem with all C3 Vettes even when new. The solution is to use the A/C with the bulk of the airflow directed into the footwells.

Bob purchased this beauty in October of 2001 from the original owner in Santa Ana CA where it had been stored since 1995. Despite its original appearance, he quickly discovered that prior maintenance that had been performed on the car was substandard and several systems needed components replaced and serious adjustments. Worst of all was the realization that oversized wheels and tires had caused significant damage to the fiberglass fenders - which required replacement of the entire right front fender.

After being driven for a month to evaluate its condition, the car was parked for repairs and an interior renovation. Actually, what started as a stereo replacement became a major job because Bob (as usual) couldn't bring himself to put anything back together without it being just right.

The interior was completely gutted and scrubbed clean. While the interior was out, all weather stripping and stainless steel trim was removed. The trim pieces were reconditioned. All weather stripping was replaced. Interior trim panels were cleaned and refinished. The door jambs were stripped and repainted. The carpeting was replaced after laying down full insulating high-tech underlayment. All console components were replaced with new units. Fortunately, the original seats were in good shape and only required a good cleaning.

The original AM/FM/8-Track stereo was replaced with a 100-watt USA-5 AM/FM stereo with integral CD controller head and a 6-disk CD changer. Notice that the stereo has a period-correct analog dial. Behind this dial is a digital display. Output is boosted by a 240-watt 4-channel amplifier and played through two 80-watt Pioneer pod speakers in the rear and two 4X6 front speakers.

Front and rear bumpers have been replaced with new units as were all grill pieces.

The suspension required new shocks and replacement of the steering gear box. Handling is firm and stable, but not all that sporty by today's standards.

The powertrain is in solid shape after some serious tuning and the engine pulls strong. However, the engine is a warranty replacement from 1979 and is due for replacement with a slightly built motor with the correct-date block and heads.


Please note that this car is a part of the owner's
Personal Collection.

It is not listed here for the purposes of selling it, so please don't call or email asking for a sale price. However, if you really do want to buy this car, feel free to make an offer. Do realize that this car was purchased as an investment and an addition to a collection. So, it will likely take a sizeable offer to pry it away from this collector.

If you are seriously interested in a car like this one and have some patience, Midlife Classics can work with you to obtain and restore a car like this to your personal specifications.


MODEL NAME: Corvette Stingray
MILEAGE: 110,032 (8/24/03)


  • Model: 350 V8
  • Serial #:
  • Type: V8, OHV, Hydraulic Lifter
  • Horsepower: 300
  • Carburetor: Rochestor Quadrajet
  • Overhauled/Rebuilt:
  • Block Casting #:
  • Block Casting Date:
  • Heads Casting #:
  • Heads Casting Date:
  • Pistons: Hypereutectic .040" Overbore
  • Compression Ratio: 9.5:1
  • Camshaft:
  • Transmission: 3-Speed Turbo 350 Automatic


  • Manufacture Date: November 29, 1969
  • Body Code:
  • Body Number:
  • Paint Color: Monaco Orange
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Front Suspension: Independent A-Arms, Coil Springs
  • Rear Suspension: Independent Trailing Link, Transverse Spring
  • Wheels: 15" x 8" Rallys
  • Tires: BF Goodrich Radial T/A - 225/70R15


  • Option Code:
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Features:
    • Center Console
    • Fiberoptic Indicators of Exterior Lighting
    • Door Ajar Warning Indicator
    • Seat Belt Reminder
    • Headlights In-Transit Warning Indicator
    • Full Instrumentation
      • 160 MPH Speedometer
      • Tachometer
      • Oil Pressure
      • Coolant Temperature
      • Ammeter
      • Fuel Level
      • Clock


  • Pop-Up Hidden Headlights
  • Hidden Windshield Wipers with Vacuum Operated Door
  • 4-Wheel Independent Suspension
  • Power Assisted 4-Wheel Disc Brakes
  • Teak Stearing Wheel


  • "Astro Vent" Air Conditioning
  • Removable T-Top
  • Pop-Out Rear Window
  • Alarm System
  • Power Windows
  • Power Steering
  • 15"x8" Rally Wheels
  • Shoulder Harnesses
  • Chrome/Black "Gill" Trim
  • Head Rests
  • Tilt and Telescoping Steering Wheel


  • Passenger Side Rear View Mirror
  • Leather Console Armrest
  • USA-5 AM/FM Stereo w/6-Disc CD-Changer
  • Panasonic Pod Speakers (rear)
  • 240 Watt 4-Channel Amplifier
  • Power Antenna
  • Finned Aluminum Valve Covers


  • Removable Dome Light (no holes drilled)


  • Rebuild Transmission
  • New Front and Rear Bumpers
  • Replace Grills
  • Replace Front Spoiler
  • New Front and Rear "Crossed Flags" Emblems
  • New Front and Rear Shocks
  • New Radiator
  • Install Finned Aluminum Valve Covers
  • Rebuild Carburetor
  • New Alternator
  • New Water Pump
  • New Ignition Wire Set
  • New (rebuilt) Steering Box
  • New Brake Master Cylinger
  • Replace All Flexible Brake Lines
  • Interior Restoration
    • New Upper Console
    • New Center Console
    • New Rear Console
    • New Carpeting and High-Tech Insulating Underlayment
    • New Quartz Clock Movement
    • Replaced Center A/C Vents
    • ALL Weatherstripping Replaced
    • Refinish T-Top Interior Liner
    • Refinish All Plastic Interior Panels
    • Replace Sun Visors and Mounts
    • Replaced Glove Compartment Housing
    • Replaced Jack, Glove Compartment and Battery Cover Doors
    • Seats are Original and Untouched!
  • Repair Heat/Air Conditioning System
    • Replace A/C Expansion Valve
    • Replace Phlenum Chamber Valve Vacuum Actuator
    • Replace Fan Switch
    • Replace Fan Relay
    • Replace Heater Control Valve
    • Rebuild Climate Control Selector Mechanism
    • Evacuate and Charge System
  • Repair Windshield Wiper System
    • Replace Wiper Actuator Vacuum Switch
    • Replace Wiper Door Limit Vacuum Switch
    • Replace Wiper Override Switch
    • Fabricated New Washer Spray Tubes
    • Replace Washer Pump Assembly
  • Replace Aluminum Slotted Mags with Rally Wheels
  • Replace Headlight Vacuum Actuator
  • Replace Driver's Side Power Window Motor
  • Replace Door Ajar Switches
  • Replace Replace Courtesy Lamp Switches
  • Replace Rear Courtesy Lamp
  • Replace Low-Beam Headlights
  • Repair Headlight Washer System
  • Replace/Repaint Right-Front Fender
  • Stripped and Repainted Door Jambs
  • Stripped and Repainted Rocker Panels
  • Installed New Stereo System
  • Installed Power Antenna


  • Parking Brake Inoperative

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