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1968 Mercury
Cougar XR-7

From the Owner's Personal Collection

Bob's first and second cars were Cougars (both XR-7s). When he started getting deep into the restoration habit, he decided it was time to relive the past and get another one. This Cougar is identical to his first one except for color (it was Forest Green). After spending a year and a half tinkering with various mechanical issues (engine accessories, transmission, suspension and brakes mostly), he stripped it apart - inside and out - and sent it off for a fresh coat of paint. When it returned, Bob repaired and polished all trim before reinstalling. Then, he replaced all rubber gaskets and weatherstripping. Finally, he did a full restoration of the interior. In the process, he upgraded the stereo system, added power door locks and trunk release, and treated his bad back to an in-seat heater.

The result is a great car that looks and drives like new. He enjoys it as his always-reliable fall-back transportation when one of the more exotic cars is acting up, or when he just need something comfortable. It is very reliable - enough so that when moving from Los Angeles to Dallas, he drove this Cougar cross-country in the middle of December. It also makes a great car for multiple passengers. After having three Cougars, this one is by far the best. For Bob, the best part is listening to music that he first heard as a teenager while cruising in his first Cougar and enjoying the wave of nostalgia.


Please note that this car is a part of the owner's
Personal Collection.

It is not listed here for the purposes of selling it, so please don't call or email asking for a sale price. However, if you really do want to buy this car, feel free to make an offer. Do realize that this car was purchased as an investment and an addition to a collection. So, it will likely take a sizeable offer to pry it away from this collector.

If you are seriously interested in a car like this one and have some patience, Midlife Classics can work with you to obtain and restore a car like this to your personal specifications.


MANUFACTURER: Lincoln Mercury
MILEAGE: 126,895 (4/22/2012)


  • Model: Ford 302 V8
  • Serial #: xx
  • Type: V8, OHV Hydraulic Lifter
  • Horsepower: 230 (approx)
  • Overhauled/Rebuilt: Engine @ 105,000 mi / Transmission @123,000 mi
  • Block Casting #: xx
  • Block Casting Date: 1979
  • Heads Casting #: xx
  • Heads Casting Date: 1969 (High Output)
  • Pistons: xx
  • Compression Ratio: xx
  • Camshaft: Mild Peformance Street
  • Transmission: 3-Speed C4 Automatic
  • Features:
    • Holley 600 "Avenger" 4-Barrell
    • Edelbrock 289 Performer Intake Manifold
    • High Output Heads


  • Manufacture Date: 1968
  • Body Code: xx
  • Body Number: xx
  • Paint Color: Grecian Gold
  • Top Color: White Vinyl
  • Tires: 215/70R-14 BFG T/A Radials
  • Condition:
    • Body is Straight and Rust-Free
    • New Urethane Paint
  • Front Suspension: Fully Rebuilt Including Shocks & Springs (HD, lowered)
  • Rear Suspension: New Springs & Shocks
  • Brakes: Power Front Disc / Rear Drum


  • Option Code: XR-7/Deluxe
  • Color: Parchment
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Features:
    • Woodgrain Dash
    • Tachometer, Ammeter, Clock, Coolant Temp & Oil Pressure Gauges
    • Overhead Console w/Courtesy & Warning Lights
    • Center Console


  • XR-7 Trim
  • Power Steering
  • Power Disc Brakes
  • Air Conditioning
  • Tinted Windows
  • Spoke Wire Wheel Covers
  • Trailer Hitch
  • Rear Window Defroster
  • Tilt-Away Steering Wheel
  • Cruise Control (missing throttle actuator)


  • USA-2 AM/FM Cassette Stereo
  • 2 200W "Cruncher" Amplifiers
  • 12-Disk CD/MP3 Changer (RF)
  • Blaupunkt Speakers (front and rear)
  • Driver's Seat Heater (2 position)
  • Remote Alarm System
  • Remote Electric Door Locks
  • Remote Electric Trunk Release
  • Custom XR-7 Logo Floormats
  • Accessory DC Outlet
  • Aluminum Edelbrock Intake Manifold
  • Holley 600 CFM 4-BBL "Avenger" Carburator
  • 14" Chrome Edelbrock Air Cleaner
  • Ford Electronic Ignition (from '79 LTD)
  • Dual Exhaust


  • Transmission Rebuild
  • New Dual Exhaust System
  • Urethane Paint Job (11/04)
  • New Reproduction Interior Upholstery
  • New Headliner
  • New Carpet
  • New Carpet Underlayment
  • Refinished Sidepanels and Console
  • New Windshield and Backglass Gaskets
  • New Side Window Rubber and Felts
  • New Door Weatherstripping
  • New Mirrors (Inside and Out)
  • New Trunk Liner and Underlayment
  • Refinish Grill
  • Replace/Rebuild Entire Brake System
  • Replace Front Bumper (had small ding)
  • Install Hood Insulation
  • Replace Rocker Panel Trim
  • Repair/Replace all Chrome/Stainless Trim
  • Install New AM/FM/Cassette CD/MP3 Changer Stereo System
  • Install Seat Heater
  • Install Power Door Locks
  • Install Electric Remote Trunk Release
  • Install Alarm w/Remote Keyless Entry
  • Install Accessory DC Outlet
  • New Front Springs (930# and 1" lower) and Spring Saddles
  • New Rear Springs and Urethane Bushings
  • New Front and Rear Shock Absorbers
  • Replaced Stock 2-Barrel Intake Manifold with Edelbrock "289 Performer"
  • Replaced Stock 2-Barrel Carburetor with Holley 600CFM 4-Barrel "Avenger"
  • Installed Edelbrock 14" Chrome Air Cleaner Assembly
  • Reinstall A/C (all engine compartment components were missing)
    • Rebuilt Compressor
    • New Condenser
    • New Drier
    • New Clutch
    • New Expansion Valve
    • New Custom-Made Hoses
    • New Mounting Brackets and Pulleys
    • Rebuild Heat/AC/Fan Control Assembly (was clogged)
    • Rebuild Temperature Control Vacuum Valve
    • Trace and Properly Route/Connect all Vacuum Lines (several were wrong)
  • Restore Original Front Engine Components (had single grooved-belt pulley
    • New Alternator
    • New Power Steering Pump
    • All Coolant Hoses and Thermostat
    • All Belts
  • Power Steering-Related Adjustments (was way out of whack)
  • Front Wheel Alignment
  • Installed Factory Optional Trailer Hitch
  • New 4-Row High-Capacity Radiator
  • Replaced Heater Control Valve
  • Replaced Aluminum Wheels w/Factory Steel and Spoke Wheel Covers
  • Refurbished Dash and Steering Wheel Pad and Emblems
  • Replaced Battery
  • Replaced Regulator
  • Install Proper Length Pushrods (was tapping)
  • Replace Ignition Wire Set
  • Install Chrome Wire Looms
  • New Antenna
  • New Radiator Cap
  • Installed Windshield Washer Bottle (was missing)
  • Replaced Windshield Washer Pump
  • Installed Coolant Recovery Tank


  • Locate & Install Missing Cruise Control Actuator
  • Replace Hood Hinge(s) (one is slightly sprung)

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